Friday, March 30, 2007


Given below is how and why I started this blog.
She: hi
She is online.
Me: hi
She: still around?
Me: haan. kya karoonga ghar jaakar
She: did u get nethg to eat
Me: tv tak to hai nahin :( haan kha liya
She: blog karo bhai
Me: give me a good reason
She: me
Me: elaborate
She: i want you to. and i will love u more if u do
Me: tum kabse jhoot bolne lag gayi
She: arrey! also, u might find some new chicks
Me: jo hai wo to sambhalti nahin. aur ka kya karoonga
She: hehe
Me: aisa karo, URL and Blog Title bata do. Blog kar loonga.
Sent at 7:29 PM on Friday
Me: kya hua ? tum seriously karne lag gayi kya
She: hehe. fone
Sent at 7:31 PM on Friday
Me: jaldi aao yaar
She: back
Me: URL Blog Title bolo. nothing fancy. no references to legends. something very ordinary
She: :D
Me: too long :) i already made it the title
She: hehe
Me: check this shit out. see the date of the last post
She: ouch
Me: the people i hang out these days.. wont even get it :(
She: same here
Me: they watch a movie like 300 and say "it looked like a long underwear ad"
She: hehe
Me: URL bolo
She: urlbolo, myshit
Me: nahin hai. myshit is little stylish... a bit aloof... a bit like me... but i want it to be ordinary. simple
Me: :P
She: usualcrap
Me: :P
She: litterletter
Me: i want a name which will sound like your blog. not usualcrap which sounds like my blog
She: litterletter:)
Me: :(
She: littersletters. i love alliteration
Me: move away from litter and letter
She: fone
Me: kab tak wait karoonga. ruko "kab tak" check karta hoon
She: :) ma pa are home. calling for dinner.
Me: ohk. Bye. Do check
She: sorry >:D< good hai. :). see ya


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yippee :D


1:20 PM  
Anonymous Ish said...

Lesse if you actually keep this up or get bored of it soon.

10:56 PM  

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